Are your company design custom websites? Do you use paid templates?

Yes, everything we build is 100% custom built with unlimited modifications to the design. We operate from design to custom in your admin area to operate the website yourself.

Is your price reasonable? Do you outsource your work?

No, no, and never! From the beginning of our company more than ten years ago to the present, we do not outsource any of our work to a foreign company or company, nor do we partner with any other company. Our American developers are built in-house. We are very proud to mention that we are the only handful of companies in the US to do so.

A custom website is excellent! However, do you hold me hostage, forever?

No!!! The great thing about our company is that you are hiring us to create our website. Once complete, you own everything. You are not held hostage by us because everything we code is 100% open source, which means we do not encrypt any of our code. If this doesn't happen to another developer just the next time, we have a job. But that doesn't happen :-)

If I need help? What support do you offer?

Yes, we provide LIFETIME SUPPORT. We'll be able to change, modify, or add our website for you through the administration (CMS). But most of all, you have access to our developers for any queries you may need. We use the same style of support as Apple.com, which means we are connected to your computer and can teach/assist you with your questions or changes on the website. We give you unlimited training in our administration. We offer Lifetime Support because 99% of our customers only need to train once because of the area of administration is effortless and easy to learn. You don't need any coding knowledge, and you know we're only a phone call.

Custom, so you don't do WordPress?

Yes, and no! All we do is 100% custom build with the admin area. As a professional web design and web developer company, we want to provide our customers with the best solution for them. Our customs CMST is better, more secure, more comfortable to learn, and more flexible than WordPress. However, some customers have used WordPress in the past and want to use it again. We will happily build their site using WordPress; This is not a problem for us at all. However, you will be downgraded to a better CMS platform.

What about hosting? Do I need to host my website with you?

Not at all! Unlike other web design companies at our level, we do not need to host your website. We provide hosting for our customers, but that does not mean that you are obliged to host with us.

How much does a website cost? How much for a website?

We love this question :-) This is our number one question so far. Unlike other companies, we do not need to treat you differently if you have more money than others. We treat each customer the same regardless of their status or company. This is why we are the only company in our level that shows a lot of trending web design, web development, and pricing for online marketing builds. When comparing apples to apples, we have nothing to hide because our prices are fair and affordable. That being said, the best way to see how much your website will cost is to talk to us. Check out our prices by clicking here or get a custom quote here on your project.

SEO Are Your Websites SEO Friendly?

100% Yes! Remember, we are Google Partners! It is our responsibility as a customer to ensure that your website is visible online. So, for that reason, we help you build a 100% SEO friendly website, and we use best practices in web design, as requested by our partner GOOGLE.

Marketing Can you help me with online marketing?

100% Yes! We don't just create your website for you. We do much more than creating sites. Our main goal is to help you succeed online. We're in for a long opening, our team is committed to your success, and we provide many online identification packages, including local online SEO, National SEO, search network and display network with pay per click advertising (AdWords account step).

Great, now tell me what makes your company different?

We are a reliable company, we have been in business for over 20 years for one reason. Our websites are 100% custom build with unlimited modifications. We support a lifetime! But most importantly, we're not here to build your website. We want a long-term relationship that you can trust. We are here today and tomorrow. Your success is our success because our business is the main goal for your business to succeed online. We are different because we care about your business goals, and we are committed to achieving that goal no matter what we do! Count for you, or our team can be there, always!

Didn't see an answer to your question?

If you still have a question and don't see an answer to it, please ask us directly, we will be happy to help!

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This really is my second time hiring Web Design Sky. I want to thank Web Design Sky for doing an excellent job building my website. I personally recommend them to any more seeking support with building a website. I defiantly will use Web Design Sky again with my upcoming project :) Once again gentlemen, thanks for all your support building my website come to life!

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